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its a tampa kinda day
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fucked up the formattin time to jump off dab ridge


can one of you heckin computer geekerinos redbull on why wifi routers need to be reset?
lik what exactly goes wrong to where they get all mangled and stop working correctly after a seemingly indeterminate amount of time?


That should read:


Short answer is that 9/10 your ISP leased your dynamic IP during a routine server swap at HQ and now it wants to be someone else on the registry causing data to get dropped.

The other 1/10 times it has to do with switches running on very few bits to do a whole lot, so if a solar particle or electrical surge/pulse sent out by glowniggers touches it, the bits themselves get fucked and the switch gets stuck in an infinite processing loop.


sound liek you have a shitty router
if ur using the one your isp gave you you need to send that shit back and get your own, saves money and you get an actually good one
i have a 9 year old linksys with openwrt that works great, i havve my VPNs setup on it so i don't have to use their gayass client on all my devices and i've had zero issues with it. can torrent forever without worrying about glowies seeing what i'm doing


File: 1718196113429.jpg (2.54 MB, 3800x2517, 3800:2517, WRT54G_v2_Linksys_Router_D….jpg)

almost all of them are designed to be disposable garbage like everything else and it has been this way for a very long time. you are pretty much supposed to replace the router every year or two once <arbitrary company name> decides to drop firmware support at <arbitrary amount of time>. kinda like android/ios but for internet infrastructure.
back in the day we had… one viable option (pic related). now we have… no viable options without buying some overpriced office router shit since (usually) office shit is designed to last longer than a few years.


>can torrent forever without worrying about glowies seeing what i'm doing
glowniggers own most of the vpn companies, and the ones they dont own they are tapping the lines. the whole industry is a massive honeypot.


ok sure whatever feds can see i'm getting ultra low filesize 4k bd rips of movies idgaf


its def a shitty router. ancient. prolly old enough to drive. i just found it laying around in a drawer and it actually talked muh puter, so gud enuff for me.
im sure id care a lot more if i played online gaymes more or used more modern shitty bloated websites other than imageboards.
that said it works 99% of the time just fine. its irregular, but id say i have to reset it like once every 1-4 months, so its prolly
>your ISP leased your dynamic IP during a routine server swap at HQ and now it wants to be someone else on the registry causing data to get dropped.

tho i guess >we have been having crazy ass solar activity as of late
heckin cosmic rays


speaking of, i heard there was an absolutely ENORMOUS X-class flare just after that big one that caused all the auroras down south. lik twice as strong, but it was pointed away from us. too bad, wouldve caused all the social media nerds to kys AND been even cooler lookin


Stable Diffusion 3 is released for local use, if it gets a huggingface online creator like previous ones I'll post here


but will it make big titty goth gf wadinas on command ?


just buy a new router, you don't need one with 8 antennas that looks like a ufo just one that gets the job done.
linksys wrt1200ac is rly gud and probably cheap


idc that much tbh
i was just curious lik mechanically digitally? what was going on and why it happens


fat goth chicks kinda suck bro
those are the ones that are into lik cyrstal dildos and that goofy shit ime


i said big titties not fat


not sayin solar flare be fake, just as an aside tinfoilers were right again and haarp is able to do auroras since 2019


big titty chicks that arent fat dont go goth bro
those ones you see online are just cosplaying


haarp be frontin
that experiment was them aiming at the literal weakest point, the magnetic zenith
that aurora last month was down to almost the equator. not a chance anything manmade could do that


Martha's Vineyard is currently experiencing a marijuana shortage. The billionaire community has dubbed this "a super issue" for the island.

Meanwhile so many fire hydrants have been stolen for scrap metal in Los Angeles that there is now a real concern that should a fire breka out the fire department will not have the infrastructure to put it out in most city blocks.


how do you scrap a hydrant?
theyre under pressure


lik idk if youve ever popped one but those fuckers are crazy. they shoot like a block


>marijuana shortage
lazy ass fucks
just grow it its a fucking weed
marthas vineyard too its prolly perfect for outdoor


File: 1718208211827.png (96.23 KB, 792x646, 396:323, ClipboardImage.png)

wew saudi droppin petrodollar was only half of it
dta da va ru
archive froze, not redoin


always told the cryptofags they were just setting us up for literal mark of the beast faggotry
h8 bein right


File: 1718208602064.jpg (262.88 KB, 1272x920, 159:115, rad.jpg)

so now if they dont lik you the central banks can just turn off ur savings
totally rad


prolly the most dystopic thing ive ever read in my entire life
cmon sun-kun give us a BIG one
wipe the slate clean


This is basically just the new petrodollar.
They werent just going to abandon the plan they just cooked up a new one.
A new tool for a new age.

Should be great for everyone.


did you miss the part where IMF world bank mafia can now literally shut off ppls ability to have or use money?
im glad ted didnt have to see this


give crackheads enough time and theyll figure a way out to steal anything


lel but arent they lik steel?
gypsy tier

i remember my old boss who was bulgarian used to tell us about how the gypsys would come by and smash the foundations of ppls houses to get at the fucking rebar
how tf thats easier than just getting a job is beyond me


finna start a new political party
the digital extinction party
just keep throwing shit into the sun until it burps out a big enough flare to annihilate all electronic technology forever
maybe i could get a grant for it?


isnt the mark of the bestiality supposed to be voluntary? as in not in a coercive way?
yes they're solid af too but that doesnt matter all that needs to happen is someone with the know how gets hooked on crack or someone already on crack who knows someone with the know how to get some basic instructions and uh oh now you have a city-wide infrastructure problem


>isnt the mark of the bestiality supposed to be voluntary? as in not in a coercive way?
well you wanna use money, right?


Bruh stealing shit IS their job
Imagine the look on the face of the guy at the scrap yard when the dope fiends bring a hydrant. Must be a shady as fuck scrap yard tbh


they built the city in the desert
it was gonna burst into flames eventually


>Must be a shady as fuck scrap yard tbh
theyre around
they prolly just give em drugs


Nu Sodom


very based and epic
if you dont smile wide enough and wave the LGBTQAI++UkraineBLM flag with enough fervor you should lose all of your savings, racism and homophobia are the greatest sins one can commit against the Holy Order of Melanin God-Man George Floyd


i remember when there was all the pills and shit goin on there was this one guy who was trading lik a bundle of H per AC unit
so all the junkies were goin around at night ripping everyones AC units out of their windows
p funny


>overload already fukt electrical infa with green garb and EVs
>nerf useful energy production
<hey lets rely even more on the series of tubes
<then, lets hire shanigquavius la'pajeet on the tech ones and twos
>cunts start sabotaging each others servers & lines lik some cluster b whorb's country song
>aggrieved xir spends 500 molochbux™ on a chinesium bird corpse drone to 404 a county of racists
hope sun-kun passes to yellowstone-sama when this inevitably implodes


thats why i lik electro-magnetic holocaust the best tho
unlike nuclear holocaust, or geothermal holocaust, its just a bunch over-reliant-on-tech geeks that die, and the rest of >us dont end up in the literal setting of fallout, or a literal iceage or whatever


File: 1718216838033.mp4 (2.12 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, miami day.mp4)

you know what to do duddder, they're only 30 miles out be a bro


i fucking hate when those faggots buzz you
lik wow cool dude im glad i pay for your fucking welfare and your suped-up flying dirtbikes you fucking faggots
do us all a favor and nuke yourselves you worthless waste of fucking resources ffs


iunno budy if yeem in the sticks and have connections and gud stockpile sure, but trukn and everythang shuts down with the net
who tf knows when it would get back up and the shitties would take priority


thats full on coercive
the bibble implies people wont need it but will take it voluntarily


Simpsons did it


HAT the military industrial complex
HAT reheated coldwar
HAT cryptopetrodollar
HAT the anichrist
simple fucking as


yah dont forget mobsters used to occasionally dispose of bodies in scrapyards. waste management jobs like that have always been where people go for suspicious shit


how much bartering vs shiny vs fiat paperbux was used when it was written?
personally not a semantic i'd stake my soul on tbqh


oh yea it fucks str8 everything
its just the cleanest break >we got
>mechanical stuff still works fine
>books still exist so not literal end of all knowledge
<p much everything else is 100% kil and irrecoverable

revelations is also absolute fucking insanity tho so you could just be interpreting it wrong


>and the shitties would take priority
and where do you think the most bloody intense and brutal shitfests typically occur when things get vary bad? if that shit isnt back up quick then shaneeqwa and quantrillion will start bringing their broods along to attack gated tech geek neighborhoods


thats still coercive idg what the miscommunication is here
yah well your interpretation can be fucked too. its why i dont panic and ook and eek at the bibble every time something happens, especially the end times bullshit


the punishment fits the crime imo


i mean i dont even fucking believe it tbh
i just lik electromagnetic holocaust
its a cool post apocalypse setting and idk why no ones ever used it

actually scratch that, wasnt the long dark that?


in either case IMF NWOcoin is mega gay and will suck
mark of the beast is just me bein metaphorical

or it could be real, tfs it matter at that point?
god gonna come down and put you on first class on hale bop and save ur ass? prolly not
tbh this >>1627879 is prolly the more pressing issue


>cleanest break
oh i gotcha, ya def the most compassionate
was stuck on how it'll be sold as not coercive in the PR, ignore my tism


such a performative psyop

its been known for like months that russia was holding some kind of military exercise with cuba

acting like russia could do anything when we have like 20+ nuclear equipped bases right outside the russia border

they will try and paint this as biderp figting off the insurrection 2.0: the putler boogaloo sponsored by THE ALT RIGHT


[nuclear hellfire]
[mass extinction]


yea realistically its just the cuban missile crisis thang again
hopefully that means dead presidents
maybe get a cool song out of it

at least you gotta hope theyre not that fucking dumb


yeah its a clearly an attempt at a cuban missile crisis remake but the cast is exclusively empowered black trannies and the script was written by Jordan Peele


vodkas were off west coast lik a month ago
gonna be 5Gay nuwarfare, proxy & econ sniping until the dollhair is ded enough for
hot wars in your area


>b2 spirit
wow very stealthy against bright blue sky


ddduder just crashed a car into the russian sub


he was reported at the scene yelling "SLABA YUCRANE-EE", he will be venerated as a martyr of the neoliberal world order


Network Tech here, the only major update in router techlology in the last decade is the type of signal used. Routers older than like 2019 are limited to something like 5mbps wifi speeds max while ones after then have a bandwidth that lets them operate in 20mbps wifi speeds or something like that. You have to have a matching new-age wifi card that's compatible to get the benefit though.


IIRC they are normally just unbolting them and tethering them down when they initially blow. The lazy crackheads just ram them with a truck doing like 30 because the metal is worth enough to repair the truck.


If the power grid goes down, 30 million Americans are reliant on continued electrical production to not drop dead within 72 hours. Literally 97% of insulin dependents and all pacemaker-users/shitbag-users dead instantly.


>hm yes im in the market for some heroin
<how many units would you like, sir
>i think i will take one bundle today, please
<sir! a full bundle will cost you a crackheads fortune!
>tis alright, dequarius, i have brought for trade one operational air conditioning unit
<good show, lejaybot. good show.


i vaguely recall some shit about long darks but i may be thinking of a cuck king pasta tbh


yea but in terms of cataclysm its p mild
lik nukes itll toast almost everyone immediately, and then the earths ruined for however many half-lifes
yellowstone kills like the whole continent immediately with noxious gas and debris, then blocks out the sun and causes an iceage

by comparison, the sun farts, all electronics become worthless instantly, everyone reliant on them dies, you get some panic and riots etc
but other than that you can still grow food and everything else works fine. society collapses, but in a relatively comfy way lol


wouldnt the nukes be set off by that powerful of a sun cum?


florida has a shitload of navy and chair force bases, they do this shit all the time. nothing new.


All vehicles produced after 2003 are fly-by-wire rather than mechanical connection.


It was coercive to have to go live in the desert instead of being reliant on the Pharaoh. God still made the Hebrews GTFO. Coercive to leave Sodom/Gomorrah for the same reason, God still dropped a meteor on their ass for not leaving.

I ain't speaking for God, I'm just sayin' pride cometh before the fall.


File: 1718231648185.jpg (502.13 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, Lets shagg.jpg)

For context we currently have a NATO joint-taskforce in the Baltics running military exercises, same joint-taskforce that blew up the pipeline last year and blamed the Russians. Russia is running military exercises in Cuba like they have since 2013 minus a 3-year break because of Chink flu and later the Russian international sanctions. This is breddy much just Russia dickwaving and saying "fuck around and find out" not an actual threat lol.


File: 1718232691187.png (233.17 KB, 2138x779, 2138:779, ClipboardImage.png)

>great satan tries to sanction tithe roosha again
holy fuck amerikwa is led by actual insane waterheads


File: 1718232812886.jpg (226.41 KB, 850x601, 850:601, kamen brings the apocalyps….jpg)

>lik nukes itll toast almost everyone immediately, and then the earths ruined for however many half-lifes
Nukes are a meme and the wildlife has fully returned to Chernobyl minus the microbiome (E.G. dead shit doesn't rot as fast and leafs don't break down but the apples are good enough to make wine out of or eat straight if you don't mind cancer at 70). China releases more nuclear radiation into the ocean in a day than the released Fukushima wastewater can in a month, not even accounting for the actual toxic chems. Nuclear holocaust is bad because that year's crop harvest will fail, but that basically just means useless eaters of the urban environment die off while rural folks and anyone with a skillset will get paid in food/favors for a year or two and be fine. The temperatures would likely return to 1850 levels outside of cities. Nuclear war basically means that governments won't be able to enforce rules on their peasantry which is the real reason they teach you that it's, like, really bad mmkay?


More accurate predictions of the active magma remaining in the caldera suggest that it has already had its last major eruption. It has one or two more in it at most if even that, and the effects would be comparable to the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. More than likely it will just continue to migrate South-West until the California plate slips at which point it should stabilize the rest of the way and just turn into an open magma pool/sulfur pool for a couple thousand years. They sold us a lie.

If the sun farts loud enough, it would actually benefit earth as the ionizing radiation would rip a hole in the ozone allowing a fuckton of CFCs to vent out into space. This would also have the side-effect of permanently cooling the planet several degrees in the course of like a year. This will change the climate zones for growing and make everything north of Wyoming inhospitable for 7 months out of the year and would refreeze Siberia and the Arctic. Additionally you won't be able to step outside for a while without getting really bad sunburns even in Winter for like the next 3 years if it's big enough, so you could expect mass die-off of large animal life if it's a big enough sunfart.

All three are bad but for different reasons than PopScience wants you to think.


>insulin dependents and all pacemaker-users
was already on board spro, sun doin a heckin eugenics solid just adds je ne say qua


Nukes are set off by literally bashing the pieces of fissile material together at stupid speeds using fine-tuned devices. Fusion nukes work on more or less the same principles for activation. You might get a death core, but at most the fissile/fuseable material will just get real hot and kill anything near it with radiation sickness.


Uhhh pretty sure Chernobl vs a denotation are two very different things.

There is a reason they only test them things off in a desert at small yields or out in the fucking pacific ocean with miles and miles of ocean all around.


File: 1718234767318.mp4 (6.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4_6003409040426669436.mp4)

🇷🇺🇨🇺👻🇺🇸 The Russian frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" entered the port of Havana.


this is why i still lik internet. can you hit me with any lonks?




⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇸🇪🇺 Zakharova: Washington is dragging the EU into war under the banner of NATO

"Do the countries of the European Union understand that Washington, under the banner of NATO, is drawing them into a direct conflict with Russia? The hysterical pumping of the Western public with the thesis of the alleged "imminent aggression of Russia against Western countries" means only one thing - the Biden administration needs more bloodshed on the European continent in order to prevent the collapse of their own government and the American economy," said the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova.


none of those were end time predictions that specifically imply voluntary submission to satan either tho


File: 1718236201611-0.mp4 (20.71 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4_6003811461682434911.mp4)

File: 1718236201611-1.mp4 (25.85 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4_6003811461682434912.mp4)

⚡️🇷🇺🇨🇺 Northern Fleet frigate and nuclear submarine arrive in Havana

The naval strike group of the Northern Fleet consisting of the nuclear submarine "Kazan" and the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" sailed into the port of Havana after the exercises in the use of precision weapons were completed, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced.

The rescue tug "Nikolay Chiker" also sailed into the harbor. A salute was fired from the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov".

Two solemn ceremonies will be held in the port of Havana to welcome Russian ships, separately for a frigate and a submarine.




>administration needs more bloodshed on the European continent in order to prevent the collapse of their own government and the American economy
been sayin spigga. how tf else are they gonna dig out of the holes they dug?
chinr, rushya, salmon kang, BRICS, OPEC+, etc been coughing and pointing at that check on the table p hard. only question is if it happens before bidup leaves


The chernobyl explosion was actually worse than a detonation of equal size because of its partially contained nature.


sure and because its still letting out constant radiation
but a nuclear bomb detonated over any major city would hurl metric tonnage of radioactive debris up into the atmosphere


idg why people are talmbout nukes other than agitprop conditioning
is there some glaring defense blind spot with em that idk about?


because its what they want in terms of fear propaganda "russia wants to nuke us because they hate gay pride parades, ARENT THEY EVIL !!!!!!!"



it'd be fine radiation wise after a few weeks, for the most part.
faggots like Sagan did some holocausty style math to come up with his nuclear winter fake shit
theres been over 1000 nuclear bomb tests over the years
there were 178 above ground tests in 1962 alone
nukes consume a lot of their fissile material.
one of the reasons reactor overloads are ehhh is because they're still JUICY and SIMMERING. make a lot of HOT radioactive smoke over a long period of time


about my .02. sex, fear, and fear of lack of sex
swear most shit would be solved with mandated viewing of century of the self


ok but these the same vatniggers that said they werent gonna go balls deep against the hohols and were pulling back from the border
then two days later they went balls deep
u kinda lose some trust when u do that


the biggest worry in a situation like this would be NIGGERS, tbh.


File: 1718252449361.jpg (178.8 KB, 1336x1035, 1336:1035, yellerstone.jpg)

Yeah, radioactive materials tend to be very heavy and fall out of the air within 2 days. The dust loses its "insta-death" radiation after about 2 weeks as the nuclear salts in the air stabilize into harmless metals. Radiation reaches levels consisted with heightened rates of cancer after 3 months.
US Army field journals that have been leaked and understanding the half-life of radioactive materials.
For anyone who don't know basic radiation physics you got three radiation types, alpha, beta, and gamma. Alpha radiation is virtually harmless unless you swallow a lot of it but you can grow vegetables next to it and nothing will happen to you. Old Soviet death penalty was to feed guys alpha-particle rocks, also how they originally treated cervical cancer by shoving radioactive rocks up her cooter. Gamma radiation is the "most deadly" but it's literally just energized energy, so passing directly through you it has a statistically zero chance of harming you unless there's a metric fuckton of it because of how small the "particles" are. Beta radiation is the one you gotta worry about because it's big enough to regularly impact your body, but small enough to pass through the skin barrier and directly impact your interior tissues.

There's about 1,000 people who never left Chernobyl and they are fine to this day. There's about 3,000 who work at the NPP and they are in perfectly fine health. There are negligible signs of any of the expected long-term health effects of radiation exposure in the nearby Pripyat population. There is a known (and actually credible) conspiracy that Japan listed deaths caused by chemical exposure at all of their chink-tier factories they ran up until the 90s as actually being caused by nuclear radiation because it was convenient at the time to hide the actual deaths from all their fucking 3rd-world-tier chemical plants.

United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation has concluded that, apart from some 5000 thyroid cancers (resulting in 15 fatalities), "there is no evidence of a major public health impact attributable to radiation exposure 20 years after the accident." I mean really it's just common sense when you look at how America has over 10 million people exposed to 7-27x the background radiation of Fukushima/Nagasaki daily between Uranium ore in the ground and solar radiation, and yet other than heightened skin cancer rates the impacts are negligible. You don't got to take my word for it, the IAEA agrees with me just in more neutral terms to not piss off the Swedes.

>Yellowstone sauce

>the seismic waves suggest that only 2–5% of this body is actually molten (the rest of the volume is hot and mushy)
>The basaltic magma reservoir in turn provides heat for a lower-temperature rhyolite magma reservoir at depths of 4–14 km (2.5–8.5 mi), but that is only about 5–15% molten. It is this rhyolite magma that fuels Yellowstone's geothermal system of geysers and hot springs.


There is actually one thing that I do attribute to nukes, and that is that they release a fuckton of CFCs into the atmosphere. I believe the government blamed HVAC for these CFCs to avoid taking responsibility for their nuclear testing fucking up the ozone layer.


File: 1718253273043-0.png (815.37 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, hs61gjk1h56d1.png)

File: 1718253273043-1.png (510.4 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, f61e0mpnv66d1.png)

File: 1718253273043-2.png (1.45 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, qwi6z8fke56d1.png)

File: 1718253273043-3.jpeg (411.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, s09vpcyxu56d1.jpeg)

File: 1718253273043-4.jpeg (48.3 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tfq7dv2b366d1.jpeg)

Apparently Stable Diffusion 3 is garbage. They censored the model so hard it straight up forgot how to do human anatomy. I don't feel like hunting for pics so these are from reddit. For online creation I haven't seen any recommendations but if you check out SD3's release page https://huggingface.co/stabilityai/stable-diffusion-3-medium you see some spaces using it, I assume those are SD3 and the results I got from them are also garbage


File: 1718253608874-0.jpg (239.32 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, image.jpg)

File: 1718253608874-1.png (1.27 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, image (7).png)

File: 1718253608874-2.png (1.22 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, image (8).png)

File: 1718253608874-3.png (757.73 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 18227510.png)

And these are Wadinas I made the first three are from sd3 spaces, the fourth one was when a paid app was hacked more than a year ago and it's better. All same prompts which is
A pale skinned brunette woman wearing a Kansas City Royals hat
Also SD3 creates somehow tanned people even though I specify pale skinned so it has that retardation many other programs has as well


File: 1718263207772.gif (769.59 KB, 540x304, 135:76, cafe science.gif)

Oh right, as for the solar flare global cooling effect I made it the fuck up based on how chlorofluorocarbons work. They work by binding to ozone in a way that rips open a hole in the atmosphere and then allows them to keep attacking O3 molecules. A solar flare has such intense ionizing radiation that it ionically charges the CFCs in such a way that they either fall out of atmosphere or get ripped out into outer space rather than continuing the cycle. While the solar flare most literally warms the planet between its ionizing radiation and damaging effect on the ozone layer, if a large enough flare hits a CFC pocket the way it will ionically interfere with those CFCs will have a natural global cooling effect. And since CFCs gather in roughly one spot (the Philippines) because of Earth's magnetic shield, the thing that deflects solar flares, a solar flare large enough to bitchslap earth will naturally concentrate on those same areas for a multiplicative effect.
tl;dr- SEAniggers fry from having a giant hole in the ozone short-term, but the damage to CFCs and other greenhouse gases from ionizing radiation will cause the ozone layer to heal faster creating a global cooling effect.


same can be said with gaytoe and their promises not to expand their reach tbh no one is innocent here


what about me???


oh i forgot ur a gud boi im sorry gib kissey -3-


gud read, thanks for the effortpost budy. i will now repeat this as fact with minimal investigation


File: 1718286803223.mp4 (5.52 MB, 1258x720, 629:360, sixth street bridge.mp4)


how would you solve it spee?


get rid of the non-whites ?
problem would be solved overnight


our culture is so fucking weird
we can have onlyfans, female rappers wearing thongs and talking about gagging on 9 inch cocks, tranny gay lesbian buttsex parades openly on every street

but oh lord, oh god forbid an AI generates an image of a scantily clad women or an attractive woman is put in a video game, then all of sudden we are puritanical who seeing an ankle is blasphemous ?

what the fuck


iirc the rly bad isotope that got everywhere was cesium, which is super nasty, but it cools off rly quick. like 15 or 20yr half-life.

all the gud data about nukes is from way back when tho, so totally diff bombs. nowadays its all tacticool smol ones, and even tho everyone HAS been getting back into testing, those results are obv not released to the public, so idk how they all work and whats the damage/collateral
thing is, with multiple nuclear cunts, and the absurd amounts each cunt has, were not talking about lik one or two nukes. were talking about thousands and thousands carpet bombing whole areas. that could be rly fuckin nasty imo. end up with whole patches of the world lookin like the glow from fallout


more like cuckstone by the sounds of it

>sun farts

see all that still sounds rly manageable
and it still does the ted thang of btfoing the industrial revolution and a sizable amount of its consequences

>everything north of Wyoming inhospitable for 7 months out of the year and would refreeze Siberia and the Arctic

fucking GUD. death to canada


>made it the fuck up
regardless of the specific numbers it makes sense. lines up with what we know about that stuff
and ive heard it echoed irl by a number of ppl when ive been joking about nuking the sun repeatedly when someone brings up global warming or the govt or muh industrial revolution and its consequences whatever

phillipines had it coming anyways you seen the way they just trash shit?


lol i actually lik these a lot better tbh
infinitely less useful for whatever fucking garbage advertisements or whatever everyone else wanted to do with it. but for just spitting out procgen nonsense? fucking awesome
they should make it even more fucking retarded. im sure they will too


as i understand it, itll be rly difficult for them to undo this level of damage without scrapping the whole model and re-training it, no?

i hope the music ones end up getting all mangled too, that could be raly interesting


yah poos get a lot of shit :^) for trashing up their part of the planet but flips dont get nearly enough for their part in it
just try going scuba diving out there and not see bottles and used tampons and dirty diapers and other disgusting trash everywhere in the water


File: 1718297804455.png (824.14 KB, 1889x647, 1889:647, ClipboardImage.png)

Gang, I'm gonna be playing video game demos, none of which are sparts related. You're all welcome to lurk and/or chat (read:spam my chatbox).



put buckeye on


File: 1718301267677.jpg (40.61 KB, 574x1024, 287:512, flaming_middle_finger.jpg)

>shilling in the today thread
>nothing to do with spee
>not even today related
>some wannabe e-celeb /v/ermin
nah fuk u budy


nah gerp is cool, he's not like the other /v/iggers


Chair of the federal reserve just subtly said the feds are cooking the books on poverty numbers (and that it's much worse).
Water is wet, but even the rich bankers are pointing out the machine is not oiled and failing.


*put buckeyes hot jewish sister with her khazar milkers that she likes to put on display on facebook



tbh this IS the thread to shit up
who fuckin care?


File: 1718311156273-0.png (230.43 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718311156273-1.png (548.9 KB, 768x432, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718311156273-2.png (4.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718311156273-3.jpg (128.58 KB, 900x874, 450:437, 299905_11500662.jpg)

That's it, thanks for coming out.
These demos were good.

That's fair, but it did happen TODAY, so it was fitting.



File: 1718311580258.png (254.16 KB, 555x555, 1:1, beyond smug.png)

I'm framing this quote, hanging it on my wall and letting it go to my head.


u welcom budy
t. the boogeyman who hasn't even been to vee in half a year


you're not missing much, don't worry
I'm visiting boards less and less in general


which /v/ are >we talking about? trick question theyre all the same bunch of poisonous whiny autistic faggots pretending they dont crosspost just to stir up drama lel


You can tell the rapefugees by how much they bitch instead of going about their day. Anyways apparently the Sandy Hooknoses want to seize Jones' personal social media accounts now. Isn't there a point where the plaintiff's lose standing because they are no longer seeking restitution but instead damage against the defendant?



calm your gayboi bitchtits it was like 5 posts


tf is the point of all this ayy shit in recent years? if it's supposed to be a distraction theyre not doing a very good job because nobody seems to give a shit at all outside of rare instances like that weird stuff in miami where like 300 pigs showed up at a mall supposedly over a "teen" fight or some shit and fags on twatter were saying it was ackchually b/c ayys


File: 1718328577622.mp4 (3.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sandy Hook Families Want t….mp4)

I just realized I forgot to attach the video.


>tf is the point of all this ayy shit in recent years?
I suggest watching rumble related around the 13:10 mark since it summarizes how America uses ayyliens as a PsyOp to make their adversaries think they have advanced tech. Any time big wigs start talking about ayyliens you can assume the government is either threatening war with someone or trying to keep someone from going to war.


because its been a thinly veiled govt hitjob this entire time and obviously was never about whatever the fuck made up shit they've been saying this entire time?


i'd play whatever the last one is


preseeding project bluebeam wouldn't surprise me at this level of gayfake. ppl get it wrong, not about cohesive narrative it's about confusion & fear


You dig giant robots.
I dig giant robots.
We dig giant robots.
Chicks dig giant robots!


but no ones scurred of ayys. maybe theres wider acceptance of their possible existence or some shit but you dont really see people shitting their pants in fear about them anymore. im just saying as a psyop it seems p outdated like who tf besides boomers and maybe some millennials actually cares? anyone younger than that has already been born and raised in a full on dystopian hellworld where everything is a lie and nothing told to you can be trusted so digging up ayy stuff just comes off as pissing into an ocean of piss
idk this shit is retarded




The ayys stuff isn't for you, spartman, it's for that Chink who's entire job is monitoring Western news all day. Even if they don't believe America has ayylien tech, they have that uncertainty that maybe America actually does have some kind of secret tech that got recorded on accident by some farmer in Nebraska.


just replace robots with dicks and thats pretty much the whole video


File: 1718358935559.mp4 (3.94 MB, 608x1080, 76:135, 1_5143581322484123077.mp4)

right in da kisser


messiah always seemed more likely than ayys
ya everything's rarted


I want to know which brand of niggerdry was taking place here.


Dat music tho really ties it together


this is what churchill envisioned for the future of his country when he defeated the evil putlerdrumpler


Hey, at least they are not speaking german.


it rly is a gross sounding language


lel knocked his shoes of
gotta hope you never get that cartoonishly KOd


not the way thot that was gonna go
glad duder b& manlets


File: 1718384152173.jpg (37.84 KB, 620x372, 5:3, putler tannin.jpg)

>Putin proposes ceasefire conditions
>Ukrainian troops must be completely withdrawn from the Donetsk People's Republic, the Luhansk People's Republic, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions
>Ukraine must renounce plans to join NATO
>"we will immediately — literally that very minute — cease-fire and begin talks"

who's winning?


if i were playing hearts of iron irl i'd take that deal
like at this point just save what little (if any) pride you have left and go "fine fukn keep it we didn't want it anyways" and focus on rebuilding your completely fucked population and wrecked economy for the next half century
unfortunately this is nato vs ebil rusia with jewlenskyy as the pawn so that will never happen


yah with how hard theyre still throwing people and equipment into the grinder its starting to makenme think that whole nu-khazaria conspiracy isnt as farfetched as i initially believed like yah russia is losing a lot of people too but like with nearly every other fuckin war they get involved in they can sure as shit out-human wave the opponent and bounce back in like a generation or two (meanwhile ukraine appears to somehow still be getting the birthrate destroying gay pride treatment the west has been through despite being in the middle of a catastrophic war on their own territory)
calling them orcs is way more accurate than most other slurs lel


File: 1718388506932.jpg (16.25 KB, 640x456, 80:57, aj.jpg)

courts approve aj gettin liquidated
SAG issues statement "huge W. sooo refreshing to see faggot actors finally get paid what they deserve"


File: 1718389584984-0.mp4 (7.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, u turn hatred.mp4)

File: 1718389584984-1.png (68.28 KB, 553x629, 553:629, ClipboardImage.png)


>who's winning?
The jews.


>no u-turn
ahhhh i get it
had to watch it twice
tbf gay prostitution is prolly a sizeable chunk of the local economy, albeit an informal part of the local economy


honestly tho, popping hookers is even gayer than the gay hookers
lik you put em in for a night, then just put em back out for tomorrow. oh nooo, thatll surely show em.
you wanna actually stop shit lik that you gotta RICO the pimps. and knowing how flagrant most pimps are, nvm the fag ones, its prolly rly fucking ez. pigs just prefer the low-hanging fruit to actual fucking work


File: 1718394959523.jpg (108.33 KB, 800x537, 800:537, Manatee.jpg)

>maebe a. girl


bet most of the emigration from cali is just beaners who crossed the border and then moving elsewhere to another state


actually a p gud representation of the area tho
democracy actually working for once

>bet most of the emigration from cali is

i bet its just totally fucking made up
lik how tf do you count dudes who come over undocumented for an official statistic?
and you know theyre not going lik tent to tent, or car to car, trying to do a fucking census


that chart just means the cancer is metastasizing i guarantee none of them will have learned anything from their fucked up state


certainly not
look at VT. rich cali yippies moved out there in the 70s and 80s and it took maybe 20yrs to turn the state completely upside-down. states still mostly rural lolbertarian/conservative mountain ppl. all my folks out there are still mt ppl. but they got no say in anything. the states unrecognizable from even when i was a kid, just cuz a couple thousand califags moved to burlington and bought their way into politics

TN, TX, KY, buncha other states well on their way already, just a bit behind
rulecucks ruin everything


shits so fucked i dont think it matters anymore anyway
i rally rally dont want a civil war or some other catastrophic societal shitfest (i dont fucking care if amerigay needs it that kind of event is hell on earth youd have to be insane to want it) but if >we do get it then seeing such types get stomped when no one is willing to put up with their shit will at least be a silver lining


File: 1718410545627.jpg (662.97 KB, 801x801, 1:1, 8c8fde56ab90d5ce59760ea0f7….jpg)

ive lived there my whole life with all the boomers and faggot shitlibs theyre insufferable


i mean there were always crunchies. cuz idk outdoors is nice. old VT libs were wayyyy diff
its way worse now. its lik all junkies or rulecucks. fucking idling your car in burlington is illegal. no mcdonalds cuz corporations is bad mmkay plenty of fucking starbucks tho


agree and hat bein glib but idk if there's a civil solution spro
greater gud aside, watchin bean curd nibblers face an iota of the hell theyve been doling out aint the worst


garbage in, garbage out
simple as


File: 1718414914682.jpg (230.46 KB, 1179x1696, 1179:1696, scooteroo.jpg)

blasphemy laws are always hideous to the youth


bump stocks legal again
let's go dudddeer!


File: 1718419912280.mp4 (4.35 MB, 642x360, 107:60, Alex Jones Permitted to Se….mp4)


Just read that. Wew! SCOTUS cucked out on their ruling though instead of making it a flat-out "fuck off" ruling, wouldn't defend the 2nd amendment.


supreme court been kinda gay lately especially with the babby killing pill


File: 1718422762854.png (390.94 KB, 551x862, 551:862, loudness is browness.png)

i love when browns just come out and admit they are just loud and obnoxious by default


not hard to figure out
being a normal, functional, successful human bean = white = racist


They scared that if the Democrats cheat they'll add more justices, but if the Republicans win they'll demand harsh punishments for people breaking the law, so they're being milquetoast with intent to not piss anyone off (and subsequently pissing everyone off).


File: 1718432490659.jpg (298.95 KB, 1170x1238, 585:619, 1718404164102446.jpg)

wew status?


sorry dudddderbro
u gonna die for isreal


I'm pretty sure some fag could argue the militia clause to SCOTUS to ban this.


File: 1718437625226.mp4 (8.75 MB, 540x540, 1:1, Sound of Hope to release J….mp4)

Angel Studios, who continues to BTFO Hollywood pedos with wholesome movies with real American messages, intends to release Sound of Hope on July 4th.


File: 1718440453596.mp4 (7.93 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Gen Z would choose JAIL ov….mp4)

lel good luck


File: 1718441498287.jpg (145.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4546576444.jpg)

everybody loves peace and quiet. sounds like she's just mad she can't afford it. also what a fucking weirdo


>Gen Z would choose JAIL ov
uhhh yah
so did the literal boomers


File: 1718443198893.jpg (106.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, meincraft.jpg)

not everyone wants to fight for israel, faggot or not.
is just too bad being "national guard" doesn't protect you from being sent overseas to fight someone else's war anymore.


wont pass senate
you guys are retards, theyve done this exact song and dance several times in recent memory. this is literally just pre-election theatrics
>look see they tried to draft you omggg
>vote for meeee


two years until no longer eligible, i can make it


might torrent it, looks interesting


we got it ur a genius have more chromosomes


File: 1718458892479.png (69.21 KB, 1080x858, 180:143, ClipboardImage.png)

>hey spart cmon join the marines dont you want to die for our greatest ally? haha


File: 1718464226348.webm (12.66 MB, 720x720, 1:1, al_mawt_li_israil.webm)

fuck the kikes and fuck wojaks


put in grils to the ndaa proposal too
as if mixed combat wasn't batshit enough now them want a tubby bpd ripped away from shittok
solid lel out of wew


scared shitless retard, no less
at least last time they were threatening selective service and trying to pull us into WWIII with rushka were able to muster a genuine psyop w the draft our daughters thang. that shit was hilarious

best zoomies can muster is wojak re-re-re-re-edits that look like theyve seen more shit than hardened combat vets >>1628472


So many layers of stupidity from this zoomer. They don't need you to hold a weapon, boi. They're grabbin' your ass to be a truck driver/box stacker/government-mandated brothel worker.


File: 1718472613396.gif (1.47 MB, 652x720, 163:180, Thumbs Up.gif)

>fuck kikes and fuck wojaks


shut up autist


not if you shoot them first


lol yah ppl dont rly get the point of the draft. it isnt to just send kids with no training or combat exp to just go die for some blood ritual or whatev. its just to fill out random positions that need filling out.
were not in a literal hot war rn, so no one needs fucking frontlines jarheads. if anything thats the last place anyone drafted would end up cuz theyre a liability. that shit only rly happened towards the end of nam cuz charlie was btfoing us so badly and they just needed more bodies to throw directly at the problem


nothing he said was autistic you autist


budy i already went through this a couple times now. just tellin you how it is
did you ever get a drivers license? or even an ID? yah? then ur prolly already signed up for the draft. you prolly got it in the mail and just threw it out by accident. i lit mine on fire and lit a blunt w it w my budys to uphold the boomer tradition.

theyre trying to get illegals in, cuz they need to fill out positions w ppl that arent xim/xer pronouns and literally retarded/clinically insane. plain and simple. the ppl that dont necessarily pop up in any particular govt database that they draw from for these lists? they got a # now. thats what this headline is. jose goin to go move boxes for zog for 2yrs. hasta luego y buenas suertes muchachos

dont worry about the bill. the only thing getting passed for certain in it is the added $9B in defense spending. they might go ahead with the pay raise 20%. no joke tbh for new recruits too, since they do still need more ppl to enlist. the rest is just typical pork barrel legislation. house fills shit w all the political favors they want, senate goes, "uhhhmmmm sweaty…", then they do that a few more times until something actually happens. this type of defense legislation is annual. its literally timed to be on ppls minds for election cycles


File: 1718482459922.mp4 (5 MB, 320x556, 80:139, Crew Abandons Sinking Bulk….mp4)

abandon ship budys


>kamikaze drone boat
nips would be so proud. this is just lik one their chinese cartoons


doesn't even look like it's sinking though
how much damage can one drone do to make it sink


shut up autist


a hole in the side of the boat. a beeeeg one
id assume a small-boat-sized one going by the filename


ok so ur just mad that i was spotting your super obvious posting style and retarded opinions so now you're being an edgy retard, glad we got that cleared up


a boat that size can take hours to sink. the titanic took close to 3 hours to fully submerge and that was much smaller than modern cargo vessels


shut up autist


stop being a faggot
i just wanted to let him know whats up is all


File: 1718485528267.png (497.32 KB, 800x450, 16:9, rubymyer.png)

they wouldntve wanted to stay aboard at least


i didnt read it tbh i wasnt paying attention to whatever the argument was i was just being an asshole because someone started going ehhh ur all dummies i didnt expect it to go anywhere


i got a job offer to be armed security for one of these shipping companies and i almost took it but now im glad i didnt fuck being on a sinking ship idc how long it takes to go underwater


its just gud stuff to know. i mean wtfs a thread lik this for anyways if not for schizo civics seminars?

if heem young and unironically worried about "muh draft", its cuz he dont know they already got his #. its a manipulative headline and ive seen it before a few times. the only thing that changes, once whatever revision of this defense bill gets passed, is that its easier to pull up juan guitierrez-gonzalez and his cousins.
remember how everyone was lik wtf whys states giving illegals drivers licenses? thats why, they wanna be able to draft em later if they have to


File: 1718488840219.png (542.67 KB, 431x612, 431:612, leviathan and behemoth.png)

waters scary. offer your prayers to leviathan and he will see you safely to shore. hes not unreasonable.


im sure someone read it but idgaf about the draft. i'd actually love to see them try it nowadays after theyve either driven everyone insane or made them so angry and distrustful of the federal gubmint that theres genuine risk of a lotta door kickers getting btfo if they try something


or i could stand on shore with behemoth and laugh at the gay fish monster


>see them try it nowadays
oh they wont
house doing what they do erry yr: voting to give military more money.
and MSM doin MSM thangs: making erryone wig out

like i said its literally just so they can recruit illegals more easily.
>oh you got a license carlos?
>vary cool
>oh yea and btw
>if we have to draft you for WWIII?
>congrats on your new american citizenship pending completion of 2yrs compulsory military service as per the selective service act of blah blah


that gay fish monster owns ~95% of this entire plane of existence. its by his mercy that humans live at all. he expects respect from the mortal subjects of his realm. do that and he prolly wont kill you. unless hes just feeling particularly nasty that day. even then, just stay out of his way as best as you can. hes not a kind god, but hes not one to break all his toys needlessly. were all just incidental. pieces of dandruff on his head

thats the thing most christians seemingly dont get, and idgi how they dont get it, cuz i thought it was in the book. lik >we ate the apple. where tf do they think >we are?
were all playing on his court. 70% of the surface of the planet, and ALLLLL the dark scawwy bits underneath


he can expect to be disappointed get rejt you water breathing scaly bastard i'll just climb a mountain gud luck getting me on top of everest


hell find you
dont worry


ur gay


zoomers being drafted is one of the literally funniest fucking things i could ever imagine

its like comedy gold
all they would have to do is get one of their sacred black streamers that zoomers like so much tell them to do it


ayo yo boi heyah tellya bouh i gah dis rolex signin up twice usin muh cuzzin teereeree ssn then eatin ass in da parade rest


File: 1718499002200.png (1.4 MB, 900x802, 450:401, GQGGjtFbEAAanth.png)

Nick Fuentes don't be gay in public challenge:


>LOL my ass is safe!!!
ok grandpa remember in hoholstan the first ones to be drafted were the worthless old farts


maybe your should do a fortnite dance


the oldies in ukraine werent 90% obese and diabetic either lel and young dudes are explicitly targeted for draft lists in amerigay


File: 1718500482852.png (1.82 MB, 1472x982, 736:491, come-and-see.png)

im just imagining the barn burning scene from Come and See, except all the zoomies were huddle in the barn because they found a smart phone to watch the latest Kai Cennat stream, it would be a sort of "this is what we fight for moment", and the music would be some Chinese state authorized battle music in the style of traditional chinese folk songs, some broccoli headed zoomer lips all chapped and perm all soggy, forced to watch as the barn burns "this shit aint bussin, on god bruh fr"


A big ship with a transponder is unironically safer than a lifeboat even if it's sinking. You underestimate how easy it is to die out at sea.


not when it's vertical like that lmao


youre delusional qoomer


lel, can't wait for that ai movie service to launch


File: 1718507948438.jpg (94.37 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, full-metal-jacket-stanley-….jpg)



well to be fair they are both faggots


i doubt theyd be getting off if it wasnt srsly time to go
and its not like theyre in the middle of the atlantic or something. its just the red sea. not THAT far. the far bigger problem is all the land nearby is full of scary dudes with guns and towels on their heads.
maybe sharks. i dont actually know. its kinda warm there tho so maybe

in any case the one i posted took two weeks to get lik that. but i doubt the last week or so of slowly going vertical would be vary comfy. and i rly doubt it takes two wks to find some poor dumb cunts in the red sea


File: 1718554347921.png (336.45 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 11244c7de03990c22486cde4c0….png)

these read like something youd see in the comments section on a boomer tier blog.
whats next qtard?
will zion donny finally put clitty cages on the swamp creatures and liberate his based black bulls?


t. mad trying to disguise as humor


>jayden is still seething


im jayden…


more like gayden lmao


>buckeye's a feeder
nice work she's coming along


saw some footage i cant find atm and it's actually not terrible, but they'll prob mandate use of the nerfed gay.i.
oh ya openspace hired a literal glownigger ex nsa guy lel


that one was basically "you yourself arent injured in this so fuck off" but if any lady who was injured by that pill comes up she can push her case through to the supreme court and theyll take it seriously this time i swear
at least thats my understanding


Courts can by and large decide whether or not you have precedent. The DOJ is currently weaponized, Republicans have the majority in the upper courts while Democrats have the majority at the district level, the executive branch is Democrat and ideologically captured, and the legislative branch is a mixed bag of nuts.

SCOTUS could rule that they have standing and proceed, however they are being milquetoast fencesitters to try and discourage Democrats from expanding the courts because they are scared shitless of an Andrew Jackson moment.


File: 1718581810499-0.jpg (1.63 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, 20240616_194044.jpg)

File: 1718581810500-1.jpg (1.79 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, 20240616_194358.jpg)

cicada doin thangs on my damn tire


im gayden…


now this is news
how loud are they where you're at


gib it kissey


File: 1718582774159-0.jpg (2.07 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, 20240616_195950.jpg)

File: 1718582774159-1.jpg (1.1 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, 20240616_200026.jpg)

File: 1718582774159-2.jpg (1.82 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, 20240616_200056.jpg)

if youre in the right spot its almost deafening


im not kissing derek 😡


Little guy is probably staring at you like "oh shit, oh fuck, oh god I spent XX years comin' outta the ground to smash and this predator's staring right at me, fugggg!"


File: 1718588282723-0.jpg (1.99 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, 20240616_213438.jpg)

File: 1718588282723-1.jpg (1.81 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, 20240616_200739.jpg)

File: 1718588282723-2.jpg (1.8 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, 20240616_200725.jpg)

i let him bee


eat that thang
they dont be calling it the lobster of the dirt for nothing


>the rat of the sea of the dirt


What the fuck are you doing in China?


theyre loud af around me too i can hear them even from inside with music playing at mid volume


File: 1718594980712.png (160.31 KB, 810x445, 162:89, media_GQLvUTiWgAA4vRa.png)

4plebs is adding AI descriptions to images and will allow you to search for them, though atm the search is disabled completely


Hey now, bamboo rats are delicious. It's the Norwegian rats that are disgusting plague-riddled vermin.


Cicadas are all over the world. They emerged about 200 million years ago when the earth looked like this: https://dinosaurpictures.org/ancient-earth#200
There's annual varieties (they take 1-9 years to emerge but they aren't synchronized yet) and periodic varieties such as the North American 13 year and 17 year variety.


That's actually pretty cool.


That's because the 13-year and 17-year variety both emerged at the exact same time this year.


File: 1718642363897.jpg (74.55 KB, 1845x541, 1845:541, GQRumqrbUAA-bn5.jpg)



lmao did he lose the lost dong jones case?


Josh is still a thing?


josh is always "mad at the internet"
this is nothing new

if anyone dares not suck his balls, worship the ground he walks on and proclaimth him the Dark Lord of the Internet, he gets all pissy and passive aggressive towards you like a woman

he is also a massive literal autist who gets things massively wrong because he fails to interpret sincerity and irony correctly


File: 1718655293084.mp4 (219.09 KB, 720x900, 4:5, russ drone shot.mp4)


File: 1718655636001.mp4 (579.5 KB, 560x480, 7:6, albania owns blinken with ….mp4)


albinian flag goes hard as fuck


all three of those things are jews


>United States
>burger fucking nods


>Burgers and Jews are the only reason Kosovo isn't Serbian clay
>Bitch about Burgers and Jews
Guy's got big balls, I'll give him that.


but kosovo IS serbia and always will be


nah, they are both owned by the US just like everywhere else. it is only a matter of bombing them.


its gud the kiwis are figuring out what a clown he is. thats what always skeezed me out about kiwis, they were always such diccsuccs. to jewsh of all ppl. lik rly? lik i get hes ur admin and all, but lik hes also such a fucking clown


ok i know the thing exploded and there was a blast wave but was that a shitload of shrapnel that was hitting the ground everywhere around him too? that fucker had god on his side those couple of seconds if so because he couldve easily had his insides churned up if even a little bit of that hit him


dramaniggers of any stripe are some of the dumbest most deranged cancerous faggots on the internet and rightfully get kicked around between sites pretty frequently, so its not surprising theyd suck up to a literal retard with his own site specifically dedicated to spewing petty gossip and other faggotry everywhere tbh


He almost got a faceful of shrapnel but kept his head down. His cheap body armor saved him from a punctured lung most likely but he definitely got hit. You can kinda see him limp a bit when he first starts running because it probably hurt like a bitch.
This is why soldiers should still get cheap body armor/basic plates even if they're facing rifles/artillery/drones.


that was shrapnel, and he probly got hit to some degree or another


yeah he probably caught some but he didnt get obliterated despite being right there beside the epicenter of it all is my point
bet his ears feel real fuckin good tho lel


Most munitions are not gonna really be doing the obliterating. The idea behind frag grenades is generally to maim and injure rather than to kill outright (albeit they can kill outright). A wounded soldier that has to leave the battlefield is just as good as a dead soldier when both sides can send troops into a red flour mill endlessly and just need to whittle down the local troop numbers enough to take territory.


when was the last yuro meat grinder war before this one anyway? was the yugoslavia breakup this fucked?


>red flour mill
it's called a meat grinder vatnigger


such a boring forced portmanteau from the NSA or whatever else glowniggrer shit cooked it up


lol shut up autist


File: 1718712244517.jpeg (90.56 KB, 604x401, 604:401, Vlaidislav Vladislavovich….jpeg)

>such a boring forced portmanteau from the NSA or whatever else glowniggrer shit cooked it up


Probably Yugoslavia, but in that case most of the war was bunkering down while NATO bombed civilians.


what is it about the term "flour mill" that set off the retard?


there's a putin chode-sucking autist on /k/ that uses the term endlessly along with his other -isms, and acts like vatniggers are any better than burgers even though it's the pot calling the kettle black when they do the same shit that amerilards do 24/7


File: 1718719405845.png (302.53 KB, 358x407, 358:407, cr sangin.png)

wounded is good as at least two ded
"ohh i know when i see a blue helmet
to aim at the pelvis, and send it"


Red Flour Mill is an Eastern European euphemism for meatgrinder because meatgrinder is seen similar to swear words in that part of the world. It shows more care for human life so the Hohol got triggered.


There are two /k/ you could mean with a 4 and Z, and both are retarded.


oh so youre some rapefugee bringing in drama no one here gives a ashit about from either the faggotring or worse 4chode
shut up autist


i dunno much about yugoslavia i should look into that


no he's the retard that brought drama autist] i'm the one bullying him until he leaves


lol shut up autist


that war was rally fun
this one is just jew shit


so i guess you got bored with whichever cuc/k/ shithole you came from and now youre setting up shop here and im gonna have to scroll past you constantly because you not only get mad at "flour mill" but also "nigger" apparently. cool great
the webring was the biggest mistake since infinity never


idc about this, I still want /spee/nfinity next


TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO was over 9000 years ago


why are you shitting up spee with webring drawmafaggotry


ahhh feels like an erection owl year already


t. paste


learn php then and live with dudwheels watching koth


i havent looked at the cuntring in like 2 years and im also not the one crying about some grudge i have with some retard on /k/ out of nowhere. fuck off back to the cafe or wherever the hell your tard brain brought you in from


nigger he's the one who dragged his webringfaggotry onto spee why the fuck are you getting assblasted at me
reading comprehension faggot learn it


>the cafe
the cafe shut down 3 months ago ;_;


I don't even know who's jewing who any more


oh cool >we have an unironic ZOGGER here to regurgitate the freshest shit cooked up by some rainbow socked faggot currently working at langley



my friend just expatriated to croatia. we talk about yugoslavia and the balkans a lot


why dont you just post with a fucking tripcode if you're gonna stick out so fucking hard anyway


Cool story bro.


File: 1718756757349.mp4 (792.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, biden.mp4)

debate kino's in 9 days


was this recently ?


wanna talk about the balkans with me?


dont worry, he'll have more chemicals running through his veins than a KC methhead
what im REALLY hoping for is he has some sort of mild stroke and pisses his pants on stage or something


i guess. its gonna be a one sided conversation tho lel i literally know nothing about yugoslavia besides some of the yims


>thanks to all the members of congress and homeless security, uh secretar ughmyughgmmhgughggh i'm not sure im gonna dos surheowuh


its actually incredibly based that america in its current stage has a geriatric senile demetia riddle doddering criminal and war crime committer as our leader

its very fitting


sniffy's asking for it to be sit down lel. already removed audiences and gave jannies mute
want dup's campaign researching how to trigger outbursts in dementia. randomly emphasize 'ASHLEY SHOWER', mkultra activate him into some funny shit, "ooh that sucks"-tv, cut to static
prob be gay edited reigned in shit but nothing cant happen forever and a girl needs her dreams💅🏿


File: 1718760896993.png (239.57 KB, 1765x937, 1765:937, ClipboardImage.png)

today i think
his handlers gave straight up amnesty via xo


File: 1718761166936-0.mp4 (1.6 MB, 720x1078, 360:539, i0RSGMOStu3oIiG7.mp4)

File: 1718761166937-1.mp4 (2.39 MB, 720x900, 4:5, 73P3-5aRXvHCLfQl.mp4)



wtf am i watching


did they fire black jesus at cartoon network and replace him with a faggot or something?


Sure I don’t know anything about it.


They're gonna drop his ass. I can't see a scenario where they both let Trump off the hook and Biden run, and right now the court of public opinion is making it clear there will be violins if they don't let Trump off


ya it's been obvious since afghanistan rly, and the isntreal-hummus war and his lukewarm response to it has made juice raly fukn mad
and then u got zion don promising to toss bibi's salad 24/7 if he gets in office so it's really a no-brainer
i wanna see the demonrats cry election fraud tho, now THAT would be funy


I'm expecting microphone shenanigans since a third party has control of the mics with Biden methed up and shitting himself calling Trump a nazi poopyhead while Trump will be too angry about still being under his gag order to say anything that could actually benefit him.

tbh I'm kinda expecting him to have a heart attack/stroke at the debate or something and then whoever's gonna be the hand-picked nominee will rush in to save him. That or they'll have a vote but because of state voting laws the DNC shill won't appear on the ballot in most red states leading to a giant shitshow they can ride off of when they lose it all at the cheating box.



File: 1718765268231.mp4 (6.68 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, tranny raep.mp4)

Is this the new tranny they're bringing in since the old one is now a known rapist?

We're talking about erectionbowls and spics now, shut up about Jewkraine.


File: 1718765690517.mp4 (5.91 MB, 1318x720, 659:360, democrat electoral college.mp4)

one of you spiggas gonna owe me five bills unless the schizos are right and they pinch hit newsom
reruns gettin old. goldfish voters deserve the ryder


this is peak woman
i just know a woman greenlit all of this


File: 1718767144671-0.mp4 (97.47 KB, 492x270, 82:45, Trudeau shouts SLAVA UKRAI….mp4)

File: 1718767144671-1.mp4 (4.54 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Trudeau has 'sudden coughi….mp4)

File: 1718767144671-2.png (673.49 KB, 1189x824, 1189:824, Andy continues to be one o….png)

File: 1718767144671-3.mp4 (2.03 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Vigilante New Yorkers Beat….mp4)

First half of today was sloooooooooooooooooow and then all of a sudden everyone posted their news all at once this evening, so here's today's burgernews:
>Judge trying to silence journalist who got ahold of tranny shooter manifesto
>FBI told Tennessee to destroy the manifesto at all costs so that's being leaked too
>Biden announced illegal expansion of the "dreamers" program to cover about half a million illegals
>Seattle in response says they will be hiring illegals to work as police officers now
>Secret Service agent robbed at gunpoint by an illegal at a Biden charity in Commiefornia you can't make this shit up
>Apparently they also deleted evidence that a Secret Service agent was mauled so badly by Biden's dog they had to shut down tours of the white house temporarily
>Maryland Governor pardons 175,000 drug users currently serving time while playing the race bait card nonstop
>Freedom Faction introduces motion to rescind all J6 Committee subpoenas, effectively nullifying any contempt of congress charges
>This will require neocons to vote against J6 or make it clear where they stand to their constituents, likely resulting in their ousting this November
>They gooned Goonan and finally got him arrested (UC Berkely educator involved in most of the riots on campus)
>Vigilante New Yorkers caught the child rapist, cops expected to let him off scott-free
>Massachusetts Experiences Statewide Outage of its 911 System
>Blames a heat wave
>Hero of Justice Ken Paxton Opens Investigation Into Medicaid Fraud At Texas Children's Hospital
>Bipartisan bill moving through senate to require websites to take down revenge porn/deepfake porn of an individual within 48 hours of DMCA request
>Biden Admin to use up the last of the strategic petroleum reserves this summer after a bullish market prevented them from refueling it

The lady who whipped out her floppy tiddies at the Oilers game also had something to say but I gotta go find the vid of her flashing first for posterity.


wew look at these traitorous aids ridden faggots


File: 1718767751507-0.mp4 (1.97 MB, 480x854, 240:427, oilers-fan-flashes-crowd-u….mp4)

File: 1718767751507-1.mp4 (3.18 MB, 480x658, 240:329, Ain't nobody care what thi….mp4)

Having to click like 20 pajeet links just to get a 5 second "viral" vid of some big ol' floppy mediocre tiddies. For goodness' sake. You used to be able to just go to a sportsball game and there'd be at least a few pairs over the course of the game, usually on the big screen.

Oilers Fan Who Flashed Crowd During Playoff Game Speaks Out
'You could be the most perfect, godly f—ing person in the world … Someone’s still going to hate you'


I gotta apologize to Kate, yeah they big and floppy but they ain't ol' and they they ain't mediocre. Nice rack, go Oilers I guess.


DOJ is gonna rape Adobe's ass now.


>tranny shooter manifesto
Anyone have it?


>highly qualified candidate to be a president
>nigger was president
>actor was president
>criple was president
Burger have the lowest standards


She is a slut with 2 minutes of fame and trying to squezee 1 more minute.


A few journos do but they're all using it to drum up business instead of posting the damned pages.


People were talking about Chrome and all Chromium based browsers dropping Manifest v2 for v3 and it coming with extension problems like fucking up ublock. Has that happened yet? As far as I remember the change was supposed to happen mid jun


they did
did you forget the 4 solid years of muh russia meddling accusations? it'll just be more of that


been hearing lots of threats and noise but nothing definitive yet.
botnet browser users get what they deserve.


and the dumbasses who dragged us into two jewish instigated world wars nobody wanted any part of.


>NEW: Wikipedia editors declare the ADL "unreliable" and ban the use of the ADL as a source on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A ban on the ADL as a source on antisemitism expected next.
You're really fucking up your PR if Wikigolems are turning on you


there were a few pages of it leaked like 10 today threads ago but i think that's all there is so far


>banning the ADL
now that's genuinely incredible. call me when they disappear from the front page of all search engines


it will probably stay in anyways, just means that no new extensions will work with it. so one day in the near future adblock/umatrix may stop working but i'm sure they'll find another way around it
use ungoogled chromium




shell game considering a thousand other 'reliable' sources are essentially adl satellite offices


File: 1718807194158.jpg (100.86 KB, 850x829, 850:829, buffalel.jpg)



I enjoy death to america


File: 1718808030967-0.png (623.04 KB, 1406x886, 703:443, hale.png)

File: 1718808030968-1.jpg (832.85 KB, 1424x900, 356:225, hale1.jpg)

these are the only legit ones i've seen


File: 1718808974960.jpeg (24.21 KB, 512x478, 256:239, retarded cat.jpeg)

>white privlages


Is this the modern Gay Nigger Association of America


>flag football
w full contact showers after the game


File: 1718810577986.jpg (41.38 KB, 540x764, 135:191, orks n norks.jpg)

at least things are funny sometimes


Isn’t this the chick from stranger thangs?


File: 1718823936724.mp4 (13.52 MB, 716x1280, 179:320, 578435678.mp4)

/sp/udies, how old are you and how many units of botox do you have? be honest!


so how many men are there that are actually stupid enough to want to date a giant barbie doll
clearly there are a lot if all these thots are slamming botox syringes in their eyeballs 24/7
fuck man they don't even look human anymore, fucking retarded beauty standards in this country


>so how many men are there that are actually stupid enough to want to date a giant barbie doll
bimbo thangs prolly bigger than youd think tbh
problem is you gotta be an actual babe FIRST, before you go full plastic, otherwise you look lik a mutant


File: 1718825976163.png (482.89 KB, 568x620, 142:155, 7986789.png)

she got the full mutant package


Stupid bitches think botox "makes you look younger" nah lady it just gets rid of the wrinkles. Your skin still looks old, older after the botox tbh since everyone can tell it's as fake as a fake nose/fake tiddies.

Women actively sabotage each other saying shit looks good when they know it looks shitty. Ain't none of these bitches asking a dude his opinion on her face because men are loud and clear it looks like shit. 8s will smash 3s if it's a bitch for the night, just do her from behind so then these dumb broads get a confidence boost from being a cum repository.


>makes you look younger
it makes you look 40-somethin
THATS the problem. you look lik some 40yo broad whos having a midlife crisis
if youre lik 55 it might make you look younger. problem is youll still just look 40, like everyone else


I think that's got more to do with culture. We're used to 40y/os getting it. With girls in their 20s getting it, it's gonna get harder to tell. Problem is 20 or 40 or even 70 it looks fake as shit. Ok if you're an old hag and wanna look less old since artificial looks better at those ages, but yeah it looks like shit on younger people.


>With girls in their 20s getting it, it's gonna get harder to tell
i had the unfortunate exp of going to hollywood/LA right before rona and nah. you can ALWAYS tell. and it always looks whack. and theyre always talking about their follow-up procedure

its just a fucking scam. unironically the same circle of quack docs profiteering off the troon thang


File: 1718833144672-0.jpg (165.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0071.jpg)

File: 1718833144672-1.jpg (161.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0072.jpg)

>kill those kids
>I wish to shoot you weakass dicks w/ your mop yellow hair
>white privlages
>fuck you faggots
Oh, the trannies are starting the race war and the whites don't know about it.


I'm a wizard level 10 and I don't use botox like a fucking whore.


>not mouth fucking that until you blow in it’s mouth
Why even live fam?


File: 1718835824031.mp4 (4.18 MB, 1280x650, 128:65, houthi kamikaze greek ship.mp4)

houthis yeeted a greek ship
taiwan just got loaded up with a butt ton of drones too
cool thing about em is anyone can blame anyone for it but thankfully there's no precedent for tomfoolery since before even the uss maine haha


tribute and upload or no balls


sorry, i can't hear you over the sound of her forehead


That is one strong camera filter to smooth those faces. dont believe the lies.


It's still hilarious that the Sauds, with all their money and influence to assassinate journalists halfway across the world and enforce their local laws upon their outcast diaspora, are completely unable to stop a bunch of goat farmers living in a desert next door.


niggers started the race war over 10 years ago, faggots are just a bunch of bandwagon jumpers


going into the hood and shooting niggers for sport and getting nigger hunting licenses from the department of fish and game will be the real race war this is still just jew shit


I will never understand wanting to hunt niggers for sport. Maybe like a really crafty Asian guy or something because thrill of the hunt and all that, but there's no sport in hunting niggers. It's a chore, like hunting wild boar. Give them all cheap handguns to kill each other and deport whoever remains instead.


killing singular targets that arent hardened guerilla fighters and also probably aren't expecting an imminent attack is a whole different thing than going after people that expect you and also want to paint the land with your blood


the gAyTF prolly already does the first one. i mean they straight up gave guns to cartels then "lost track" of them


holy fuck
some of these young ones are absolute hags already
they're all fucking crazy bitches tho. who the fuck gets up to that age and still remains that fucking vain


women like that were usually raised from infancy to have a princess mentality they literally cannot comprehend not being the center of attention and all the psychotic preening is just a side effect of this
its why youre not supposed to spoil children they will always turn into self-absorbed faggot monsters in adulthood, the result is almost as bad as abusing them


Issue is the gAyTF gives out weapons to incite violence while punishing anyone who uses one in self-defense. You need to give everyone the guns and then encourage to use them liberally and with prejudice. Problem is mostly solved in a week and basically fully solved in a year minus a slightly higher homicide rate.


i just witnessed the birth of a beautiful black baby
then when i was done, i flushed it down the toilet!!!
bye baby nigger!!! 💩💩💩 👍🏾 🤣🤣🤣


Apparently Canada is experiencing their version of "bake the cake, bigot" in the form of "give her euthanasia, bigot" after some terminal chick was transferred from a Catholic hospital to a non-Catholic hospital in order to kill herself. She died en-route to the non-Catholic hospital and her family is claiming this is the hospital's fault for refusing to kill her on-site.


the global search function is back as I'm writing this if anyone cares


>wah you wont ded her
>she deds
grave the slave harder, bigot


summer solstice today


>inb4 the inevitable lawsuit


I'm mentioning it because of the lawsuit


File: 1718903405303.png (663.86 KB, 765x587, 765:587, ClipboardImage.png)


so king joe talks like a retard cuz the polar bears are melting, got it


global warming did 9/11 and uss liberty
never 4get


rally need greta to go full spud and start redacting power stations already
cant act lik a child forever young lady


ya rly givin speeches and cryin at the un is child's play
ur an adult now, it's time you embrace ur inner weatherwoman and start planting tnt outside cobblestone generators and shooting arrows with a flame-enchanted bow at the village mayor's house


hat whan im programman and have to define a null value
cuz i just say this autist's fukn face in my head and it maeks me angry


File: 1718921537975.mp4 (1.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, you have been diagnosed wi….mp4)


File: 1718922997250.jpg (222.09 KB, 1930x1779, 1930:1779, April Fools.jpg)

cmon that's not funny
post something funny


File: 1718925866605.webm (15.41 MB, 427x240, 427:240, eternaljew.webm)

heres your funny


The intelligence of writers in CY+9 is so low, no wonder the normalfags are not buying the new propaganda they are pushing.


File: 1718930445503.mp4 (1.7 MB, 480x352, 15:11, 5_6316757914333744320.mp4)

cant stand this guy


>not everybody can be less than smart


File: 1718936214968.mp4 (243.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, JPEG.mp4)

>28 minute video under 16MB


File: 1718937960672.webm (2.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2_second_long_video.webm)

cope its magic


Do you have a source of the video?


take two of the most destructive things, voltron into a feedback loop dildo
the man hasn't lost his instinct for policy advisors fuck me


sir your wideo index is fucked


File: 1718988124846.mp4 (2.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, oil change.mp4)

>biden arrives at camp david where he'll stay with no appearances until the debate next thursday
shit better be lit, talkin blood replaced with pervitin & viagra


They're probably doing blood transfusions/stem cell shit. It's gonna fucking kill him from overdoing it but he'll feel grande in the short-term


well whatever they're doing to him they better do it harder cuz it aint working lul


>flame-enchanted bow
isnt enchanting weapons with elemental damage is post-industrialist tho?


no it's pre-industrial you troglodyte


File: 1718998271550.jpg (112.46 KB, 736x851, 32:37, vikqwan volva.jpg)

thought of a buff greta's eyes rolling back in her head using pagan magick to +2 black tip my raifu finally got me
sry for making fun of you potato simps i get it


He'd be a potato without it, so I'd say it's working pretty damn good. You can only get a walking corpse so far though.


hes a potato with it lel have you not seen anything from him in the past year?


probly got a fresh batch of gazan children from bibi to do a complete blood transfusion


those fucking faggot traitors in the supreme court FUCKED us again, fucking faggots
except the Honorable Clarence Thomas
that dude is actually unironically based nigger


wha happun


undercut the entire effects of Bruen by giving the states infinite room to twist history since the laws don't have to be dead ringer twins
think this case was regarding red flag laws
they've basically given california the green light to ban firearms into oblivion not that a red light would have stopped them, but it would have taken longer


will make it easier to kill niggers this way


no don't worry nobody is going to prosecute niggers
the only people the state will terrorize are YOU


The ruling as I understand it, is that it has been established for the last century that you can have any of your rights taken away by due process. The nature of a restraining order is vague, but it's still legally due process.

I am not happy about this decision but SCOTUS did not royally fuck us, they just maintained the status quo by saying "if a state through due process has stripped you of your rights, then they have done so within the confines of the constitution." What did you expect? The Supreme Court is more interested in maintaining their authority than they are on actually following rule of law.


all that means is he knows that other niggers are the ones who get "screwed over" by the law than anyone else.


File: 1719049759396.jpg (32.31 KB, 474x474, 1:1, pickl.jpg)

>US Justice Department is considering a deal with Boeing that would see it avoid criminal prosecution but have a federal supervisor to oversee company progress on safety improvements


This is much more upsetting than the gunshit. More too-big-to-fail crap where companies get away with literal negligent homicide because making them face the consequences of their actions would raise a stink for the incumbent candidate in an erection year.


>C.M. attempted to leave, but Rahimi grabbed her by the wrist, dragged her back to his car, and shoved her in, causing her to strike her head against the dashboard. When he realized that a bystander was watching the alter-cation, Rahimi paused to retrieve a gun from under the passenger seat. C. M. took advantage of the opportunity to escape. Rahimi fired as she fled, although it is unclear whether he was aiming at C. M. or the witness. Rahimi later called C. M. and warned that he would shoot her if she reported the incident.
>Although Rahimi had an opportunity to contest C. M.’s testimony, he did not do so
>In November, Rahimi threatened a different woman with a gun, resulting in a charge for aggravated assault with a
deadly weapon. And while Rahimi was under arrest for that assault, the Texas police identified him as the suspect in a spate of at least five additional shootings.
>The first, which occurred in December 2020, arose from Rahimi’s dealing in illegal drugs. After one of his customers “started talking trash,” Rahimi drove to the man’s home and shot into it.
>While driving the next day, Rahimi collided with another car, exited his vehicle, and proceeded to shoot at the other car. Three days later, he fired his gun in the air while driving through a residential neighborhood.
>A few weeks after that, Rahimi was speeding on a highway near Arlington, Texas, when a truck flashed its lights at him. Rahimi hit the brakes and cut across traffic to chase the truck. Once off the highway, he fired several times toward the truck and a nearby car before fleeing.
>Two weeks after that, Rahimi and a friend were dining at a roadside burger restaurant. When the restaurant declined his friend’s credit card, Rahimi pulled a gun and shot into the air.
>The police obtained a warrant to search Rahimi’s residence. There they discovered a pistol, a rifle, ammunition, and a copy of the restraining order.


File: 1719078069145.mp4 (3.42 MB, 464x848, 29:53, 1_5168030587025360157.mp4)

kazakstan so who cares but it looks cool


they should stop vaping so much its gross and prolly smells lik fruitloops


File: 1719078858513.mp4 (3.88 MB, 512x640, 4:5, 4_5958793070479675923.MP4)


probably ai generated. everybody knows that a building burning like this would collapse in itself like wtc7


YES more jobs for De'shawntrell, Shaniquieefa, and Pajeet Patel


they have buildings taller than two floors in kazakhstan?


File: 1719090858040-0.png (1.83 MB, 828x1792, 207:448, IMG_1011.png)

File: 1719090858040-1.png (2.53 MB, 828x1792, 207:448, IMG_1012.png)

Didn’t know which thread to post this in. Thought the /sp/ros could use a laff. Will post any updates
>inb4 applefag
I got it [autism]FOR FREE[/austism]


File: 1719092778478.png (1.12 MB, 1033x933, 1033:933, ClipboardImage.png)

getting away scott free is a given, p funny they decided to fight incompetence by throwing gubmint oversight at it
boeings space shuttle broke and these two are stuck too


i hope the boeing starliner fucking EXPLODES and >we get livestreamed DEI astroniggers burning to death


idgi did it recommend you some random number or is that a spam message? im smartphone illiterate not because inhat smartphones (i do) but because i am retarded (i do)


not him, but for whatever reason in the past year or so, the number of random spam texts has from 0 to a few per month
dirty third worlders getting their hands on computers and virtual numbers


yeah I think they need to stay up there FOREVER


are they really that common? the only time ive ever gotten any is when i used my number to buy some shit and id get ad texts from whatever store but i could opt out of them
what do you have to do to get a crikpoo to hit you with butiful lady pics?


im tellin you, in the past year its exploded
prior to that i've never gotten a single spam text
past year i've gotten at least a dozen


company that you gave ur # at some point sold your shit or their d/b got haxored budy


hasnt that happened to p much every company at this point since theyre all run by poos or have chink moles in them nowadays?


just about, d/b leak scams are a timing thing they'll lose interest
wait until jeets get their hands on gud (blackmarket aka stolen and hidden from public) a.i. lel
my feeble minded grandpa got scammed by a dude holding his nose and saying the cops in mexico broke it
boomers are going to get absolutely gaped by voice and vid fakes


hebrews did this


Pretty much this >>1629876
I’ve been getting one or 2 a month and hit ‘em with tits or gtfo then tubgirl or goatse. Hit the # idgaf dunno who they are either


You understand a response is equivalent to encouragement to spread your number, right?


im not the other guy, i just block them when they come in 🤷🏾
unless it has a nigerian area code. then i send the "ogun thunderstrike you and your whole family" and they go apeshit lmfao


the indian ones are pretty funny too if you tell em a paki dog fucked their mother


File: 1719193391487.jpeg (25.69 KB, 599x399, 599:399, images.jpeg)

best budys
death to the west


File: 1719237257270.png (235 KB, 635x556, 635:556, ClipboardImage.png)



sir has wirus


saw this yesterday, fukn retard lmao
and this guy brags about how much he invests in tech companies, suits and VPs are some of the stupidest people alive


yu hab a wirus?


File: 1719266927678.jpg (72.04 KB, 568x608, 71:76, poo poo.jpg)

poo in the loo my friends


This is how USA will become good at criket


shorkcel harem SOON


what's the first growing fastest?


File: 1719270211323.mp4 (22.66 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Tunak Tunak Tun.mp4)


allah(PBUH) forgive me, californians


playboy picked up the oilers girl


ppl stil read playboy?


I just read it for the trannies


File: 1719288861886-0.jpg (20.82 KB, 312x175, 312:175, IMG_20240624_221230_103.jpg)

File: 1719288861886-1.jpg (18.91 KB, 323x182, 323:182, IMG_20240624_221230_321.jpg)

File: 1719288861886-2.mp4 (10.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, VID_20240624_221230_670.mp4)

File: 1719288861886-3.mp4 (14.2 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, VID_20240624_221230_123.mp4)

🇺🇸 The Rapidan Dam in Mankato, Minnesota is in imminent danger of failing.

🔶️ According to officials, the dam may fail as debris continues to pile up around it. The dam was built between 1908 & 1910 for hydroelectric purposes.

🔶️ Residents living downstream have been warned to "be ready" as the situation worsens.


File: 1719289995866.png (95.47 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


you think he got the deal so its easier to assnate him


Apparently Dankula is getting divorced. I know most weddings of e-celebs, or normal people at this point, don't last but I'm surprised he's getting divorced tbh, I always thought he was one of the few internet popular people with a brain


also dsp wins again as always


>imminent danger of failing
doesnt look like its succeeding to me lel
idk what brains would have to do with divorce its not like smart people are immune to getting tired of their spouses


well that sucks, i think he has two kids with Sue as well
hope it's on good terms at least


more like they finished mkultraing him so he’ll make a great honeypot. You see this all the time where a terroroo badguy gets captured, released, and becomes an organizations head for some reason


buckeye plz


gettin a lil wild in nairobi


i read hot rod magazine for the trannies


Unless you are religious (or at least pretend to be), intelligence doesn't have much to do with a marriage being successful.


rural marriages tend to last the longest, just see the amish. everyone claims farmers are retarded or something so..


people who say that are retarded. managing a farm is vary hard work and requires a shitload of micromanagement and at least some level of experience with mathematics and chemicals if you want to effectively use fertilizer and not just burn your fuckin crops in the ground before they even sprout or have them not produce enough. then theres farmers that raise livestock and thats a whole other monster that can result in financial devastation if you fuck up at all. i'd love to see arrogant faggots that spew the "ignant dummy retard farmers" line try to manage a farm for even a month. anyway its a different kind of personality that typically lives in rural areas and yeah some of them are stupid but theres also plenty who are smart enough, its not that different from anywhere else theres tards and geniuses all over the place
dunno a lot about the amish tho but i do know theyre old school with their marriage stuff and getting divorced is actually a fuckhuge deal that can potentially get you isolated from your own community so again thats not really an intelligence thing.


i heard they set their parliament on fire
good for them


a marriage being successful depends on one thing
>how long you can both put up with one another
thats it
nothin to do with smarts
if hes smart he had a pre-nup


t. boomer


File: 1719441172247.jpg (155 KB, 1280x1209, 1280:1209, media_GRASfK4WUAEK4DZ.jpg)

You better stop eating meat, /sp/!


dang all those protests and they still fucked the farmers over, it sure seems like something more is required to stop tyrannical governments than shouting and causing traffic jams for a few days


and you're why the world is the way you hate it


The traffic jams work but you have to keep them going even after the food stops being delivered to the grocery stores because of blocked roads.


File: 1719444605683.jpg (149.53 KB, 900x1058, 450:529, cardassian fact checkers.jpg)

all that does is piss off ordinary people trying to get to work. eco-fags don't work so it does nothing useful.
the only real solution is violence.



>All that does is piss off
No, it starves them. You overestimate supply lines.


if no ones backed those up by now then everyone involved is retarded


File: 1719490803341-0.png (213.56 KB, 509x484, 509:484, dup.png)

File: 1719490803341-1.png (197.93 KB, 558x450, 31:25, bidup.png)

debateb owl tonight on cnn
whoever wins, we lose


>whoever wins, we lose
goyim deserve to suffer


File: 1719503552068.jpg (1.08 MB, 1290x2175, 86:145, 1719066186284618.jpg)

Just saw this lel I guess Mexicans will also get the White privilege treatment


>jew gets into power in brown cunt
>immediately begins working to cause racial tension
peak lel gud thing spic gubmint is a powerless turd


ya and whatever power they do hav spics are absolutely not gonna take any shit from them, it's in their nature to always do the opposite of what the government says
forget what his name was but it was some SA ruler in the 1800s that devoted his entire life to trying to civlize the continent but by the time he died declared every single spic to be ungovernable


youre probably not talking about porfirio diaz because he never bothered much with south america iirc but his general sentiment towards ruling mexico was that you have to straight up be a full on strongman dictator because nobody there will respect you otherwise. also his motto was "pan o palo" (bread or stick) so he'd start off with bread and of you still didn't cooperate then you'd get abstick shoved up your ass. dude ruled mexico longer than anyone else after spain gtfo so he did something right at least


nah it was Simon Bolivar
>America is ungovernable; those who served the revolution have plowed the sea.


spanish people are niggers now?


wtf is afro-mexican?


truly a horrendous combo


File: 1719533563714.jpg (35.71 KB, 375x540, 25:36, OIP.jpg)


im pretty sure that is just a gaynigger


i think luffy is supposed to be that worlds equivalent of a huezillian


that's what i said


tl;dr- Jews and Spaniards brought a LOT of Africans over to work the sugar plantations. As the slave revolts took off the slave owners moved inwards towards America/Argentina and everyone else absorbed the niggers.


File: 1719563664325.jpg (18.25 KB, 640x457, 640:457, 628202471846-ptkwn0a442-st….jpg)

>A convicted child rapist will be representing The Netherlands in men’s beach volleyball at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

>In 2014, Steven Van De Velde, then 19, flew to Milton Keynes, England, and raped a 12-year-old child he met on Facebook.

>He was sentenced to serve four years in prison in 2016 and was released in 2017

wtf how do you only get 4 years for child rape and only serve 1 year for it? Bongland is nuts.



>served any time at all in bong land
If he was a sand nigger they would have given him a medal.


SCOTUS overturns Chevron in preparation for a conservative majority to prevent broad use of executive power by the other side. Funny how it only applies in one direction.
Ruled in favor of J6 defendants as well since they know that an executive pardon is coming next January and they are about to get fucked if they didn't.
God I hate these progressive justices masquerading.


budys u need to see schweikert he's ripping into the economy rn
half our healthcare spending goes to fat fucks


File: 1719592718488.png (76.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>The Chief Justice's opinion was joined by five other justices: Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. Chief Justice Roberts' opinion examined originalist, textualist, and doctrinal sources of law. In much of the opinion, Chief Justice Roberts makes an overwhelmingly powerful argument that S.E.C. fraud cases are in the words of the Seventh Amendment "[s]uits at common law" which can only be tried by a jury and not suits in equity or admiralty where the right to jury trial has not historically been available.

fuk sekrit courts


>Time represents lived livelihood
>The effects of having time wasted are thus quantifiable
>Being slowed/stopped to deal with a third party's bullshit is therefore time theft
>Taxation is theft
>Therefore the nigger tax is a manifestation of time theft
Just forming a tautology to call someone a nigger the next time they ask me why I'm in such a rush.


he's on at 3:01:10


>executive power by the other side
didnt think of it that way but arent they all now subject to get lolsuited up the ass?


slow down there partner how much time you spendin thinkin about how to talk about how much time you aint got


Time ebbs and flows. When I can't go home on lunch break I might as well do some thinkin' yah know?


In multiple ways unless the courts put an injunction on such lolsuits.


i watch stargate on my lunch break



File: 1719647232360-0.jpg (72.73 KB, 996x910, 498:455, IMG_20240629_004623_227.jpg)

File: 1719647232360-1.jpg (109.37 KB, 913x1028, 913:1028, IMG_20240629_004623_007.jpg)

File: 1719647232360-2.jpg (23.78 KB, 499x373, 499:373, IMG_20240629_004623_429.jpg)

На Украине был мобилизован а затем погиб Алексей Александрович Татаров.

Герой ВСУ из Кривого Рога стал известен благодаря знаменитому видео, в котором он садится на банку

Ушла легенда F


oh theyre so silly!


wasn't this just some telegram post without any sources?


hell ya


File: 1719670067766.jpeg (17.88 KB, 256x400, 16:25, images-1.jpeg)



account registration on demonoid.is is open atm if anyone cares


is this guy the russkie version of the ghost of kiev?


whats da update?


some scat obsessed pedophile is spamming again otherwise the world is still as gay and stupid as usual


soup cream court says dup is immune to prosecution from his electionb owl shenanigans


>Floridaman arrested fir shooting down Wal-shart drone flying over his house

Everyone's favorite BIG BOOTY Latina! wants to impeach SCOTUS now lol. Congress is supposed to be voting soon on finding Garland in inherent contempt of court. Basically Congress can have the Sergeant-at-arms arrest and detain the attorney general in a broom closet or some shit since the DOJ refuses to prosecute him for contempt of congress.


nuke d.c.


File: 1719941589542.mp4 (2.85 MB, 352x640, 11:20, REEEE DRUMPF.mp4)

why is dotz do angwy ?


File: 1719942429723.jpg (52.43 KB, 560x700, 4:5, angryCR.jpg)

wow, leave the fuhrer alone, you crazy unhinged bitch!


Same thing as saying african-american, just call them niggers.


spruh it's the end of democracy every week for libshits now
cant elect THAT guy or it's ded forever and biderp should use this brand new authority literally the only thing keeping king nigger outta court to drone s.c. and dup!!!1!
mention project 2025 to em and they legit froth at the mouth and convulse
be p funny if i didnt have to live in the same cunt


wtf is that thing


>trump is hitler
based adolf trump


File: 1719973995193.jpg (62.12 KB, 805x623, 115:89, Tannerite.jpg)

readin through 25 rn and im just thinkin how if all that gets put in place how easy it's gonna be for yids or alphabet boys or whoever the big guy in charge is to disappear you for not tossing zionist salad hard enough
lik ya get rid of all the woke shit and die policies and stop shoving porn in kids faces that's easy but what's gonna come after that now that they have the legal framework established to do whatever the fuck they want


yah if
none of this shit is ever certain and if anything it reeks of yids and good goyim panicking because they realized too late how hard they fucked up with their turbo-progressive koolaid bullshit and are trying to course correct by going hard right. i hope i live to see all this gay psyop shit come crashing down on their heads regardless fuck them for ruining my country in the name of some desert shithole that america has gotten exactly nothing positive in return for



File: 1719986562298-0.jpg (220.47 KB, 1079x1669, 1079:1669, biden oiled up.jpg)

File: 1719986562298-1.png (530.44 KB, 617x473, 617:473, 1628600597784.png)

stuff is happening


File: 1719993939206.jpg (Spoiler Image, 253.62 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, candidate.jpg)

nap time, sleepy joe! now it's time for a proven candidate


if bidup drops out doesnt that just mean cumallinmuh harris is the runner up?


Is political betting an spart?


I AM a legitimate….hurfnsphbbb daggle, G7 we stopped I’m at…ok


File: 1720006917945.png (290.57 KB, 473x588, 473:588, IMG_1062.png)

I even forgot my thing. See this is proof of his lies


anything is a spart if you bet on it hard enough
mybookie had deadpools going for the pope and other world leaders that you could bet on


some psycho from maryland went ham on cspan this morning
i'll see if i can get a clip later


Not unless she steps up to the plate. Otherwise it's [whoever the deepstate decides on] at the national convention. Will be interesting to see how that pans out though since most states require you to have this shit figured out clear back in like May if you wanna be on the ballot.


>some psycho from maryland
all of maryland went ham on cspan?


only people who aren't authoritarian any more are boomercons


hilldog put out some promo lel
guess they're debating front running carmelpuss w bidup as vp so they can keep funding
all the legacy demoncrap oligarchs are in full coup


trump beating her again would be hilarious




make the new thread NOW

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